Gotta Relax ‘em All

Even before Pokemon Go burst onto the scene this summer, my youngest nephew was a Pokemon evangelist, trying to convert me and the rest of the world to the joys of Pokemon.

“Aunt Julie, what’s your favorite Pokemon?”

“I don’t have one, sweetie.”

Then he’d suggest one, describing its finer points in great deal, all to no avail. He told me about one that reminded him of his dog Charlie and one that resembled my dog Henry. I remained unmoved. Then he mentioned Flabebe, which floats arounds on a flower. I thought it sounded cute and said sure, I’d watch an episode about it. I’ve done that before and each time emerged without a favorite.

That all changed when I discovered how Flabebe “battles.” Forget Pikachu’s lightning bolt; Flabebe sends out a golden pollen that relaxes its opponents to sleep.

A Pokemon that relaxes everyone—finally, something the wellness coach and yoga teacher in me could get behind! I may not have magical golden pollen but I’d like to relax everyone too. Because when you can get the stress out of your body and your mind, you won’t have the knots in your muscles anymore and you’ll be able to sleep at night. Suddenly, everything will seem just a little easier. Ahhhh.

If you would like to learn how to relax yourself, send me an email at julie(dot)corron(at)gmail(dot)com. I can’t teach you how to float on a flower but I can help you better manage your stress. No battling required!

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