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Have you ever looked at something and thought, “Nah, I don’t need to do that.” That was my initial reaction to Project 333. After all, I don’t have a big wardrobe to start with. How could limiting my clothing choices to 33 items for three months help at all?

Silly me.

When I started this in the spring, the first thing I did was toss out the ratty, worn out clothes. It was a little embarrassing just how much of that there was. Then I pulled out the stuff I had never, ever worn. Suddenly my closet held not just a small wardrobe but a wardrobe of clothes that I actually wore, that I wasn’t worried about being seen in public in, that made me feel more me.

The area I found most challenging was reducing the jewelry options. I love jewelry! I love the flash of metals and the sparkle of cut stones, even if they’re not real gems. But seriously, how many pairs of silver earrings does a women need to sort through every morning? I kept out a silver necklace, a gold one, and gold and silver (okay, two pairs of silver) earrings. I am amazed at how much time this frees up every morning! I’m slightly horrified at how much other jewelry I have and do. not. miss. I need to find new homes for it because I’m sure it would delight someone else.

As the new season approaches, I have a little shopping to do. I’ve noticed a couple of holes that I’d like to fill when I find the right pieces. There’s no rush. I have way more than three months to do this. That’s what I love the most, the intentionality of the process. Now my wardrobe isn’t small because I couldn’t be bothered to shop, now it’s small because I know what I really need.

What about you? Have you ever experimented with a capsule wardrobe? What was your favorite part? And what challenged you the most?

If you’re interested in trying this yourself and finding way more free time in your morning but need some ideas to get started, check out The Project 333 Dress With Less course. Courtney Carver has this way of making things so very simple. Sign up from here and I’ll even make a little money. I just won’t spend it on jewelry!


  1. I set up my capsule wardrobe on Monday, and I’m so excited! Like you, I was surprised at how ratty many things were, and there were several thing I just kept and wore because I had them. I gave myself permission to get rid of all of that. Now I’m excited to get dressed in the morning because I only have things I love in my closet! I will have to do some one for one trading as the weather cools, so my capsule will evolve over the next three months.

    • Julie Corron says:

      Evolution is what makes it work for me. If things get too rigid, I rebel. I love making this system my own!

  2. I just started the Project 333 too, and am amazed at how GOOD it feels to get rd of all those items I haven’t worn, don’t fit me, are in bad condition, and don’t really even like. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

    All I can think is, Why didn’t I do this before? :)

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