No News Is Good News

I did an experiment last week. No, nothing involving test tubes or beakers. Instead, I experimented with not watching the news right before I went to bed.

This is a long-time habit of mine so it’s probably not surprising that the first couple of nights I got a little twitchy when news time rolled around and I wasn’t watching. To distract myself, I went to bed a little earlier and read. Wow, what a treat that was! I love to read but I don’t always make the time for it so this felt quite luxurious. On the nights I didn’t read, I spent a little extra time petting my dog, Henry. He loved it. There’s never enough ear scritching for him. The compromise nights were when I had a book in one hand and was petting the dog with the other. Bliss all around!

The funny thing about bliss is that it’s a whole lot easier to feel when you’re not being bombarded by images of bad news. It’s not like skipping the late news means that I don’t know what’s going on in the world. I still do read, listen to, and watch news stories. Just not right before I go to bed. That makes it easier to fall asleep and then stay asleep without dreaming about crime, wars, or natural disasters. (Although that dream I had about going to the prom might count as a natural disaster!) It’s definitely a much gentler way to end the day. I like it so much that I’m going to not only continue the no news before bed practice, but I’m also going to experiment with turning off other electronics earlier in the evening, things like the computer and smart phone.

Do you have any experience with turning off your electronics early in the evening? Does setting a particular time, like digital Quiet Hours, work? Please share any tips you have. Something tells me that this could be a little more challenging for me than no news.



  1. JoannaG says:

    I have my cell phone set to enforce “quiet hours.” It does not beep for any emails, calls, or texts after 8pm at night or before 6am the next morning. There is a special list for emergency calls that I will take, but other than that it goes silent at night and that helps me step away from the electronics in time to ensure a good night’s sleep.

    • Julie Corron says:

      Really? I can make my phone do the work for me?? Fantastic! Thanks for the tip!